My Coaching Strategy

By working together and following my framework and strategies we will keep you moving forward and accountable as you progress towards your goal. I’ve broken this process down into five steps that are outlined below:


Start with the end in mind to build your vision using the ‘GROW’ goal-setting framework.


We’ll map your current landscape, including what has and hasn’t worked and spiritual journey.


We design tailored strategies to create ‘Game Plan’; including training and upskilling, risk management plan


We implement your ‘Game Plan’, which helps you to overcome your limiting beliefs.


We work to ensure you’re managing change and building lasting habits. Your success is my success!

Step 1: Narrate Phase

This initial phase is where you start with the end in mind. We work through several assessment tools to help you understand your learning style, and your current life & career stage. These may include the following: job, career change, lifestyle, income (current and expected), investments, social life, relationships, health, location, strengths, weaknesses, passions, and interests.

We’ll then set target timelines for this ‘Narrate Phase’ which are realistic and achievable to complete each week. We’ll agree on clear and challenging goals designed to motivate you to action.

We’ll also begin to build your Vision using the ‘GROW’ goal-setting framework:

● Goal

● Reality

● Options

● Will

Step 2: Explore Phase

The ‘Explore Phase’ will map your current landscape, this includes:

● What has worked for you in the past

● What has not worked

● Positive and negative previous experiences

● High points in your life

● Low points in your life - what lessons did you learn

● Your own uniqueness - what makes you ‘You’

● What makes you happy

● What makes you angry

● What do you like to read - books, magazines, websites and blogs

● Career options; mapping current skills and identifying gaps

● Your spiritual journey - Astrology reading to align energies

We’ll work to identify the type of strategy needed to realize your goals and vision.

Step 3: Create Phase

This is where it starts to get exciting; all your hard work applied during the Narrate & Explore Phases means we can create tailored strategies for you. This is where we build your ‘Game Plan’:

● Identify types of training needed with a tentative schedule

● Identify training institutes offering the new skill training

● Prioritized list of activities to complete

● Identify and build a risk management plan

Risk statement

Impact and mitigation plan

● Timeline and sequence of actions/activities

● Identifying limiters to realizing goals

● Create supporting activities and plans

● Identify potential pitfalls, limiting beliefs and thoughts

Create an action plan to avoid these

● Clearly define strategies and break them down into a simple action plan

● Identify and set metrics for success

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Step 4: Implement Phase

This is where the real work begins as we implement your ‘Game Plan’, we define and set weekly goals.

● We review your weekly progress, actions and activities

● We set a weekly Key Concept - chosen from 52 key concepts (I cover this during the ‘Create Phase’)

● Affirmation framework

● Write your resume/cover letter

● Work on interviewing skills

● Empowering techniques to overcome and challenge your limiting beliefs and thoughts

● Overcoming imposter syndrome

● Learn relaxation techniques that work for you; keeping you positive and in a successful mindset

● Start to live a balanced life to build memorable moments

And, of course, we keep track of your progress against our metrics for success.

Step 5: Adapt Phase

During this final phase, we work to ensure you’re managing change and executing correctly. This is where we build lasting habits:

● Ensure that you are managing change and the strategies we’ve executed as you enter your new world, new role, or new organization

● Manage any uncomfortable situations you might encounter as you progress on your journey to success

We wrap up your final coaching session ensuring you are satisfied and comfortable as you continue to move forward and grow.

“Your success is my success!”

At this stage, we can discuss ongoing coaching - contact me if you’d like more information about retaining my coaching services.

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